Saturday, 31 March 2012

antenatal yoga

I went to my antenatal yoga class this morning. I had to miss last week because we were away on our babymoon, so it was great to go back. I love antenatal yoga because it is really gentle and allows me to de-stress after a long and usually hectic week at work.

I attend a class called Daisy Birthing, run through my local Lazy Daisy branch; it focuses on gentle stretches, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. It really chills me out and helps me feel confident in my upcoming birth rather than fearful of it. After my first class I came home and had to take a nap because I was so relaxed! It's also nice to be around other pregnant women and chat about how our pregnancies are going. 

Lazy Daisy also run classes for after you have the baby, called Tinies, which I am planning to attend once baby arrives. I think it will be so cute to go to a class with your newborn and do baby yoga - precious!

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