Tuesday, 3 April 2012

nursery update

I'm apparently supposed to be "nesting" at the moment. You know - doing things like getting the house all ready for baby's arrival, sorting out the odds and ends that need to be done, cleaning loads, being all motherly and that. 

Well...I think I'm running a little behind on the nesting thing really. Here is our nursery at the moment.

And, believe it or not, this is after a massive clear out! 

I guess we are taking our time to sort stuff. Maybe it's because we went a tad-bit crazy the last couple months buying baby stuff (see all the stuff piled on the bed? that's the stuff we bought in February & March).  And now we need a break, so are relaxing a little and putting off all the organising until we have a little more time.  I mean, the baby's bed isn't being delivered until early May so we have time...plenty of time. 

We have been doing small amounts of D.I.Y. though and I'm very proud of Mr M for putting down boarding in the attic loft this week so that we can have more storage.  Look at him hard at work - such a good daddy-to-be! 


  1. Can't wait to see how the nursery turns out! You will get everything done in time, so don't let people worry you about not being ready! We moved house 2 weeks before Holly's due date, and although everything had been bought we didn't finish the nursery decoration until the day Holly was due! We needn't have worried though as Holly was 2 weeks late and since her birth she has been in our room in her moses basket...and I'm in no hurry to put her in her own room yet! I think I'd miss her too much, even if she is just across the hall! Good luck for finishing your little one's nursery, it is going to turn out great!


  2. Thanks for your comment - that makes me feel better about being so unorganised at the moment! X