Monday, 2 April 2012

twenty-six weeks pregnant

26 weeks pregnant
(sorry for the dark photo - lighting was weird)

Pregnancy day 182...98 days to go!

Baby is now 14 inches long and weighs 1.75 pounds. He is about the size of a head of lettuce - how cute is that? 

I now have less than 100 days left in my pregnancy and 50 working days left at work until maternity leave starts! And this week is the last week of my 2nd trimester. In all, my 2nd trimester has been rather uneventful (in a very very good way). I haven't had any major issues in my pregnancy: the midwife says I am measuring normal, blood pressure is normal, urine is normal etc. In total I have gained 15 pounds so far - just above the normal range - so I can't really complain. I'm hoping to not gain more than 25 pounds in total, but if it's closer to 30 pounds then so be it. Considering I am hungry all the time and constantly eating, I don't think I'm doing toooo badly.

The only thing I have been suffering with recently is numbness in my legs when I stand or walk for any length of time. I have asked around about this and I think it's a form of sciatica from my uterus pushing on the sciatic nerve. It's very frustrating because I can't even go grocery shopping without getting a numb pain in both of my legs. Mr M and I have decided to do 2 short shops per week instead of 1 long one which I'm hoping will help. Luckily I am mostly sitting down at work so it hasn't been too much of a problem on a day-to-day basis...I just hope it doesn't get worse as baby gets bigger. 


  1. Oh your bump is beautifil . Almost makes me broody again .. almost . Sounds like you have been eating sensibly and not over doing it which is hard not too do when you are hungry ALL the time ! I hope the leg numbness eases off have you considered pre-natal massage to help ?

  2. Thanks! I haven't tried pre-natal massage, but it sounds amazing. Will have to check that out.
    Cheryl x