Friday, 8 February 2013

breastfeeding past 6 months

I am still breastfeeding Nate and yes he is over 6 months old and no I don't plan on stopping quite yet. I am returning to work in June though and by then I would like to have stopped breastfeeding during the day to avoid the pumping at work scenario; but I enjoy nursing and plan on continuing at night and first thing in the morning for as long as Nate and I want. 

The other mommies in my weekly group have all already stopped nursing their children and many have asked when I will put Nate on formula. I don't quite know how to answer their question.

I never thought I would be the last one in the group nursing. I don't consider myself to a hardcore "attachment parent", though I do agree with (and loosely follow) many of Attachment Parenting's core principles. And I certainly don't think I will still be nursing Nate into his late toddler years, though it's hard for me to know how I will feel when that time comes. 

All I do know is that after a difficult start to breastfeeding where I had to pump every 2 hours around the clock while Nate was in Special Care, and had to use shields until he was 2 months old, I am enjoying nursing now.  I don't want to stop just as I have really gotten the hang of it. And also, if I do stop, how will I be able to enjoy after-nursing sleep cuddles snuggled on the sofa like this?


  1. Well done you! You are doing a fantastic job so please keep on breastfeeding until you both decide to stop and don't listen to anyone else. I breastfed my son for 17 months and my daughter for 9 months and I consider it one of my greatest achievements :) x

    1. Thanks Debra! I consider it a great achievement too. Well done on getting to 17 months and 9 months. x

  2. Yay for extended nursing mums! <3

  3. It's so great when you finally get into the swing of it isn't it?

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    Alice @ Mums Make Lists x