Tuesday, 19 February 2013


As February comes to an end and the skies in Britain are starting to clear, I am reminded that spring is coming. And after spring comes the glorious long days of summer...oh summer...I can't wait. 

Summer will bring many celebrations in our household, particularly July which is our wedding anniversary month and baby's birthday month. I am excited to start thinking about how we are going to celebrate his birthday, but that is for another post.

Last week I was spending a lazy Monday morning with some mommy friends at farm shop cafe and we starting talking about our summer plans. As we live in Suffolk, we are lucky to have a Centre Parcs not far from where we live and all of us had done short UK breaks there in the past, long before we had children. I actually visited with my work for a team building weekend, and others had gone with friends or for a romantic couple's retreat.  

One of the ladies is planning to go to Elvedon Forest for the August bank holiday with her new baby, and we were discussing what sort of activities there would be for very young children. We decided that most of the holiday would probably be spent doing simple outdoor activities like bicycle trips or long walks and spending a lot of time at the pool. Whatever activities they get up to we concluded it will be nice to get away for a few days and go somewhere different, but still close to home. The short travel distance makes it ideal for a holiday with a baby. I think they are going to have a great time and I might just have to see if we can join them!

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