Thursday, 28 March 2013

Carriwell Nursing Swimsuit ~ A review

Nathan loves swimming. He goes every Saturday to a Waterbabies swim class and I also try to take him to our local public pool for a splash in the water when I can. I like seeing him slap his hands against the surface of the pool and kick his little legs.

But what I don't like is trying to nurse him poolside in my standard one-piece swimsuit, fumbling to pull the straps around my shoulders, unintentionally flashing swimmers paddling past. 

I wasn't aware that there were nursing swimsuits available until I was asked if I would like to review one for the lovely Karen at BoobieMilk.  I was curious and eager to test out a nursing swimsuit. I was hoping for something comfortable to wear and discrete to nurse in when at the pool.

Karen sent me the Carriwell Nursing Swimsuit and I tried it out on my recent swimming excursion with Nate.  

Image of swimsuit from BoobieMilk website

The swimsuit fit me really well. Considering there are only 4 sizes (small to x-large) I was surprised that it was such a nice fit. The material is thin but supportive and the black colour is slimming and did a good job at disguising my postpartum pooch. I wouldn't say it's the most stylish of swimsuits: the leg is cut quite low and it's a very plain design; but the fit on the top is flattering and, as with most nursing-wear, function is certainly more important than fashion. 

The nursing clips are subtle and lay flat. I don't think anyone would notice it's a nursing swimsuit unless you pointed it out. The clips can be fastened and unfastened with one hand easily, which is important. 

Close up of nursing clip

There is a second A-frame cup under the top cup so that when the top layer is pulled down, nursing is very discreet. I was confident when nursing poolside that I wasn't flashing anyone. I even took a quick look at my reflection and could see nothing was on show. 

The back straps of the swimsuit come undone with a sliding clasp. This is convenient because you can keep the straps straight or cross over your back. When I first put on the swimsuit the straps came undone at the back and I had to get someone to help slide them back in place. I found that crossing the straps helped to keep them secure and once the suit was on with the straps crossed they didn't come undone again. 

Close up of sliding clasp at back of straps
The fact that the straps are so adjustable really helps to get a nice secure fit on the top and I love that this swimsuit is designed specifically for a nursing mother so it fits snugly around the tummy. 

The suit functioned well in the pool and when I got out to nurse it was comfortable because it's made of a quick drying material. It was still wet, of course, and I needed to rub down with a towel, but it didn't hold any excess water which made for a nicer nursing experience.

Overall, I think the Cariwell Nursing Swimsuit is a comfortable and functional nursing swimsuit. It offers great coverage for breastfeeding when swimming. I wouldn't recommend it for very active swimming, but for leisurely splashes around with your baby and comfortable poolside nursing sessions, it's perfect. 

If you would like to purchase this swimsuit, check out the BoobieMilk site where it is for sale as well as lots of other great breastfeeding gear

This product was sent to me free of charge for review purposes, but the opinions expressed are 100% my own. I received no other compensation.

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