Saturday, 22 June 2013

nathan - 11 months old

Nathan is 11 months old now! Can you believe it's only 1 month until he is 1? This month has been so fun even though he has been sick for some of it. 

I don't have as much time to spend blogging since going back to work. So, in work fashion, here is a bullet point list of our highlights this month.

  • Nate started crawling! He crawled all the way down the hall one evening chasing after a ball. It was the cutest thing and he was laughing as he crawled along. He hasn't stopped crawling since and he is getting quite fast. I managed to catch his first proper crawl on video. 

  • He has cut both of his top middle teeth now, so he has 4 teeth in total. He has been in some pain from the teething, but nothing too bad. A little dose of painkillers seems to take the edge off of any pain he has at bed time.
  • He sleeps through the night, most of the time. That said, he does often get up at 4.45am ready to start the day! And on quite a few occasions he has woken up around 10pm and needed resettling. I'm not sure how to fix these 2 little issues right now, but I'm grateful for how well he is sleeping. 
  • Nate points all the time and at everything. I am trying my best to decipher his gestures, but sometimes it's hard to figure out what he is trying to convey. 
  • His favourite things to eat right now are blueberries, cheese and cheerios. He would rather feed himself than be fed and tries to use a spoon to feed himself yogurt, but it mostly ends up on his face.
  • He is settled in at nursery now and sleeps like a champion there! He slept for nearly 3 hours one afternoon. I'm not sure how they get him to do that. 
And now for some photographic highlights.


  1. Great blog there Bear. Well composed. Maybe hot dog man will inherit that ability. xoxo. dad

  2. Nearly a year? Where does the time go? My Little Lady was one 2 weeks ago. Sometimes it doesn't seem two minutes, other times it feels a life time ago! My baby has skipped the whole crawling thing and has created a novel, highly hilarious way of getting around :-)