Tuesday, 27 March 2012

twenty-five weeks pregnant

Pregnancy day 175...105 days to go.

Hello and welcome to my new blog!
I wanted to start a specific blog to follow my pregnancy and birth journey as well as my becoming a first-time mum. There is so much to take in during this time and so many changes to my body and my life that I felt an urge to track it all. I'm 25 weeks pregnant now and have experienced lots already, but there is much more to discuss and share going forward.

First a little background

My husband Nick and I are expecting our first baby, a boy, on the 9th July 2012. It took us nearly 3 long years to get pregnant so this is a very planned and wanted pregnancy and we are extremely excited to welcome our little boy to the world. It still feels a little unreal that I'm pregnant now; there were times over the last 3 years where I had to face the prospect of being childless, so I feel very lucky to be pregnant and that things are progressing well.

I work full time and my maternity leave starts on 15th June. I have no more vacation days to take until my maternity leave starts so the next 12 weeks are going to be hard. Thank goodness there are some bank holidays coming up to help make my 3rd trimester slightly more bearable.

And now to catch up on the bump over the last 25 weeks

25 weeks
23 weeks
21 weeks
18 weeks
4 weeks
This past weekend my husband and I took our last holiday before baby arrives. The weekend was spent indulging at a gorgeous spa in Surrey, called Grayshott Spa. We pampered ourselves with massages, wraps, facials, swimming, nutrition advice and general lounging about in robes.
View of the back of the main house

View from our room

I hope to keep this blog up to date with my thoughts about pregnancy, parenthood and birth along with some photos.


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