Friday, 6 April 2012

things i never knew about pregnancy

Before I became pregnant I thought I knew what pregnancy would be like, how it would feel and what symptoms I would have. I thought I knew it all! I thought pregnancy was about morning sickness to start, some back-ache, peeing a lot at night and then feeling uncomfortable and waddling at the end. But there are so many things about pregnancy that I never knew... 

For one, I never got morning sickness - never had that stereotypical nauseousness that everyone talks about. Instead, I felt completely exhausted in the evenings for the first 3 months. I barely had time for dinner before involuntarily nodding off with the plate sometimes still laying half-eaten on my lap. 

Some other  pregnancy symptoms I have that no one ever told me about: 
  • Bleeding gums - My gums are crazy at the moment. Every time I brush my teeth it's like a blood bath in the sink. I have tried brushing softly, not brushing directly on the gums, and, well, nothing is working.
  • Numb legs - I spoke about this in my 26 weeks pregnant post. It's most likely caused by my uterus pushing on my sciatica nerve and, for the record, is very frustrating. The only thing that helps is being lazy and sitting down.
  • Nasal congestion - My nose is constantly stuffy, for no apparent reason. What's up with that?
  • Hair and nail insanity - My hair and nails are growing at an insane rate! I swear, it feels like I cut my nails before going to bed and when I wake up they are long again. 
  • Heartburn - Man, heartburn has really hit me hard the past couple weeks. It hurts when I drink, when I eat, when I lie down. So far the only remedy has been drinking lots and lots of milk.
  • Clumsiness - Basically I stumble and drop things. All. The. Time. It's embarrassing.
Who knew?


  1. heartburn is the worst in pregnancy, its all the time for me at the moment, yuck!! xxxx

  2. Such a glam time isnt it ? Believe me you'll miss it though x

    1. I think I will miss it too! Not a day goes by where I'm not thrilled to be pregnant, but yeah - the side effects are less than glamorous.

  3. I hear you, hun. I'm exactly the same.

    Mrs W x

  4. You poor thing! I keep suffering from nosebleeds, and bleeding gums too! :( All worth it in the end though! xxx

    1. It's definitely all worth it! I can't wait to meet my baby...I have exactly 3 months left now :)

  5. I didn't have the bleeding gums but like you super stuffy nose - so bizarre the way the body reacts to this little person inside, Alice x