Thursday, 5 April 2012

weird dreams

So I've been falling asleep a lot on the couch in the evenings, usually with a dog or two at the end of my feet or nudging into the curve of my back or my knees. It looks cute, but is really annoying when they fall into a deep sleep and then won't budge unless I physically lift and move them off the couch.  And Sasha is a hefty 35 pounds of dead weight when she is asleep, so moving her is not an easy task with a growing belly and a groggy head.

I've also been having the weirdest dreams. I'm talking vivid, absurd, kooky dreams usually involving a baby and a location I've never visited. Last night I dreamt that I was in Bradford, a city in North England. I've never been to Bradford; I don't know anyone in Bradford; I don't even really know where Bradford is other than up North random is that? 

I have read that vivid dreams are normal in pregnancy, but I can't remember why. Probably something to do, yet again, with these wacky hormones racing through my body. But then again, the dreams might be more to do with anxiety about the upcoming birth. Mr M told me he has been having odd and vivid dreams as well. He had one the other day where I went into labour too early and the doctor's were very worried, but then I gave birth to a huge baby!  Weird. 

At least we can laugh at these in the morning and be thankful that they aren't real. 


  1. I think the weird vivid dreams come because you spend so much more time thinking when your awake, once your pregnant, you have so much more to suddenly question and so our minds are on overdrive that when we fall to sleep the rambled questions appear as crazy dreams. :) Nice meeting you I came over from follow a newbie Friday and am off to have a nosey around your blog.. I love your photo I have a huge boxer who loves to lay right close to me too and will not budge at all once hes asleep!

  2. I kept dreaming about giving birth in the strangest of places and it was always quick!!!!!Keep on dreaming, it keeps your brain cells alert! Mine are all going now after 4 pregnancies!

  3. I used to have really vivid dreams when I was pregnant, from giving birth to a three headed baby to turning into a fish! Rats to the hormones I say!!!!

  4. I'm still having the weird dreams! Nothing quite like turning into a fish though, how creepy!

  5. I loved the weird preggers dreams! You'd wake up thinking wtf???!!! My best involved Ant and Dec in some kind of weird Supermarket Sweep scenario! ha ha!!!

    1. That is hilarious - I always wanted to play Supermarket Sweep ;)

  6. I have had strange, weird, random, and often distressing dreams since becoming pregnant. I have woken up in tears, screaming, sobbing, and just wondering what the heck happened?!