Monday, 11 June 2012

thirty-six weeks pregnant

Pregnancy day 252...28 days to go!

Baby is now 18.75 inches long and weighs about 5.75 pounds

Oh my gosh - look how huge I am! I can really feel every little movement from baby now that he is so big (nearly 6 pounds - gulp!) and wow does he like to kick and nudge me in my sides.  At least he seems content in there. 

There is not much new to report this week: I had no medical appointments and my work-week was super short thanks to the Jubilee bank holiday. I must admit my feelings about work ending this Friday keep changing. One minute I'm so excited to be finishing, and the next minute I'm completely terrified! Someone at work today bought me some adorable little newborn bodysuits and it made me feel really bittersweet about leaving everyone for a year...I mean a whole year....that's a LONG time. I'm sure I will get used to it though.

In terms of how I'm feeling generally, I have actually been feeling pretty good, surprisingly. I have moments where I get stuck on the sofa and Mr M has to literally hoist me out of my seat. And I have moments where I'm emotional and close to tears for no apparent reason. But I can't really complain because overall I am functioning well and have no serious medical issues. Every once in a while I get a sharp pain down below and I freak out a little about my impending labour, but then the pain goes away and I forget about it. 

I am taking tomorrow as holiday as I have my 36-week midwife appointment and an NCT meet-up. Hopefully the appointment will go well. And I am looking forward to seeing the ladies from my NCT class again and am hopeful that we can continue to meet up regularly once our babies arrive. 

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  1. Cheryl, you look fantastic!! Finally on your last week at work now and than official countdown to baby :)