Sunday, 15 July 2012

forty-one weeks pregnant

Pregnancy day 287...7 days overdue

Today I am one week overdue...well, technically since I am posting this on Sunday I'm 6 days overdue. I will be a full week overdue tomorrow on the 16th July. Despite being slightly bored during the week because I haven't wanted to make many plans, I am feeling well. Annoyingly I have caught a minor cold yet again and have some congestion, but otherwise everything is good.

I had my 40 week midwife appointment last Monday - the appointment was another normal check-up and all my measurements, etc were normal. I asked the midwife about what will happen now that my due date has come and gone. She said that I will come in for another check at 41 weeks (tomorrow) and I will be offered a membrane sweep. At my appointment I will also be booked in for a medical induction at the hospital, usually between 12-14 days after my due date. So tomorrow's appointment should be interesting, not least because I will get examined internally which should tell me whether or not my cervix is thinning out and moving in the right direction. 

Today I have been having very mild period-like pains off and on, since about noon. They aren't regular at all and are very mild. I think if I weren't looking out for them, I would probably miss them completely, but I'm hoping that this is a positive sign. I can't quite believe that in a week or so I will get to meet my little boy!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Cheryl...with that cardigan you're wearing and the dark shirt under it, before I really took a look, I thought your belly was flat again and you had popped!
    How funny! :P

    Good luck with your next appointment, I know I'm hoping I won't be overdue so I don't have to deal with early internal checks, membrane sweeps or talks of induction...definitely not what you'd prefer to be dealing with!

    Keep us posted, and I'll be praying you (both of us really!) go into labor on your own very soon! <3