Wednesday, 30 January 2013

the gallery: bond

Baby Nate and I have a special bond, of course we do. We are with each other every hour of the day, we sleep much of the night in the same bed, we do activities together, eat together, we are infinitely bonded to each other and it is incredible. 

However, there is something extra special and heart-warming about the relationship that my husband has with Nate. The father-son bond they have is so meaningful; I could spend hours watching them interact. They give each other a look that is only meant for the other. And daddy is the only person that has dunked Nate under water at swim class. In fact, a lot of their bonding time is water-based. Since the day we got home from the hospital, Mr M has bathed Nate every.single.night - no joke, there hasn't been a night that he has missed in the past 6 months! 

Recently Mr M has also started getting up early with Nate on a Saturday morning to allow me to sleep for a couple much needed extra hours. I don't see what they get up to, but every now and then I can hear a giggle from downstairs and I know that they are happy in each other's company, and building a bond with each other that will last a lifetime.  

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  1. That's so lovely... Great photo too! :)

  2. That's so lovely, I love that pic! I regular spy on my my OH and son too, just playing together and laughing and running around with each other.

    1. I know, isn't it fun spying on the boys? ;)

  3. Lovely photo. I love seeing the kids with their Daddy :)

  4. Gorgeous photo - nothing like the bond with Daddy!