Monday, 23 September 2013

Walking and talking ...14 months

This month has been really fun! 

Nate is walking all over the place and he is hilarious when he walks. He is not a graceful walker, but he sure does walk with purpose. He swings his arms back and forth and pushes out his belly in confidence. He sways and wobbles and falls down, but usually laughs off his tumble, gets back up and carries on. 

He is also starting to put together his first words. He has one phrase that he repeats it over and over ,which is "ohhhh nooooooo!".  He started to use this whenever he dropped things accidentally (I probably use the phrase more than I realised which is how he picked it up). But it has now evolved into him picking something up, immediately throwing it onto the ground, looking at me and shouting "ohhh noooooo!". I of course laugh at how cute it is and therefore he repeats the cycle to get another reaction from me. 

This past month my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Nate gain confidence in just about everything. Now that he is walking he is like a new person! We have also enjoyed going on little trips on the weekend and exploring new parks and playgrounds near us. We especially have been loving our visits to Jimmy's Farm where we get to play in the massive sandpit and pretend to drive tractors and race cars. 

In other news, we have decided to trade in our 3 story townhouse for a bungalow! The 2 flights of stairs were really getting on our nerves, so we sold our house a couple weeks ago and have decided to explore the other extreme and try single-story living. It will be a little while yet before the move, but we hope to be in our new place before Christmas. 

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