Friday, 25 October 2013

Nate at 15 months

Nate at 15 months is a babbling, exploring, enthusiastic ball of energy! 

He runs back and forth around the house transporting items from one area to another then back again and he is discovering so many new interests each day. At the moment he is loving drawing, "talking" on the phone, jumping onto bean bags, being pushed on swings, and attempting to copy every.single.thing that we do. 

It's cute to see him try and emulate us, but it also means he wants to help with tasks which really aren't too safe - like emptying the dishwasher and cooking dinner. 

And why is it that all of a sudden he looks so much older?! Sometimes I look at him and think - okay wow, he looks like a teenager right now.  Where did my baby go?

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