Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Autumn in Joules wellies

I love everything about Autumn. I love the changing leaves, the smell of fires being lit, the stunning light through the clouds, and the warm food. 

I also love putting on wellies and going outside with my family to play in the leaves, walk through the mud and take in all the seasonal colours. It's even more enjoyable with Nate in tow. I love nothing better than rediscovering the world through the enthusiastic eyes of a one-year old. 

I was given the opportunity to choose a set of wellies for me and Nate for the Autumn from Joules. They have a HUGE range of cute Women's wellies and they even had a teeny tiny pair small enough for Nate who is a size 4. There is a boys wellies range from Joules too if you have an older son. It took me ages to finally decide on a pair for me. I went for dark green ones with little foxes on it because I wanted something more understated, but they have excellent patterns to suit all types of styles. 

When they arrived I took Nate straight into the back garden to try them on. Nate has a pair of cheaper wellies and he hates them because they are so stiff and he struggles to walk in them. I was worried how he would react. But these Wellies are seriously soft and squishy and he loved them straight away! He noticed the tractors on them and kept pointing to them, then looking back up at me and smiling. 

The only thing left for us to do was to get out and go exploring! My husband and I took Nate and the dogs to our local nature trail. It was Nate's first proper walk in the woods and he was in his element. 

I honestly love these Wellies.  They are reasonably priced and so comfortable and light. And because they are super soft, they slip on and off so so easy, which is of course essential for me so that I can get to my cup of tea as quickly as possible after walking in from the Autumn chill. 

You can have a look through all the Wellies on the Joules website here

We were sent these wellies free of charge from Joules for the purpose of the review, but all opinions are my own and are 100% honest. 


  1. Beautiful blog post. I saw your post a few month ago and Nate was way more smaller. :) Looks so big already, probably outgrown he's cot already. :)

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