Saturday, 26 April 2014

Spring time - blog update

Happy Spring everyone! We are really enjoying this time of year, especially in our new house with its bigger garden. The previous owner's of our house were avid gardeners and now that Spring is here we are reaping the benefits of all their effort. 

It has been great for us all to spend time in the garden and of course the dogs are loving it too. 

Now that Nate is a proper walking toddler, we are also extremely pleased to be living close to woodland, parks, family and friends. We regularly throw on our wellies and coats, leash up the dogs, and just start walking. It's amazing how many things we find on our little mini-hikes. 

I am still working 4 days a week. I enjoy the mixture of working hard for 4 days, but still having a long 3-day weekend with Nate.

Fridays are my day off work and the day that Nate and I get to spend together, just the two of us. We usually have a lazy morning, watch the children go to school from our window, still in our pajamas, then we get dressed and go to a local toddler play group in the village hall. We meet up with friends at the group if possible and sometimes we visit Nate's great-grandmother who lives next door to the village hall.

On Fridays there is also library story time (which is a big hit with Nate) and a toddler free play session at the gymnastics center.

Nate is starting to become a goof-ball, I love it! He is still quite sensitive and shy in big groups and takes a while to warm up. But once he does, he is hilarious. 

His favourite thing at moment is running as fast as he can towards me, jumping into my arms, then arching his back, attempting (I think) to do some sort of backwards hand stand. I have no idea where that came from but it is funny - I just have to be careful he doesn't hurt himself.

It's only 3 months until Nate turns 2. I have been thinking of what to get him for his birthday and I'm leaning towards a balance bike, but haven't completely made up my mind. 

And here are some more cute photos from the past 3 months:

Taking a selfie
In the kitchen
A postcard from Nana & Grandad
Trying to block his eyes from the sun

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