Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Six months later

It's been six months since I last got around to posting an update. Six months is soooooo long and as expected lots has happened and changed here in our world. 

Spring and summer flew by with lots of exciting trips and visitors and now autumn is busy turning the world golden. The clocks changed this weekend and I have started drinking pumpkin spiced lattes, so winter is surely on its way.

This summer was full of adventures. Nate turned 2 (gasp!), my sister and her boyfriend visited from New York, my mom visited from Florida, we attended a 60th birthday party, a dozen toddler parties, a sausage and beer festival, AND we went to Barcelona for a long weekend.  

And on top of everything else, I started a new job this month!

Hopefully I will get around to updating with some more details at a later date..until then I will let these photos tell the story...

At home

auntie Debbie!

Out and about

In Barcelona

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