Friday, 30 March 2012

crazy hormones

So...pregnancy hormones have made me go a bit crazy over the past few months. Not only have they made my body go all whacky (more on this another day), but my emotions are all over the place too. I would say I'm normally pretty emotional anyway and generally cry at the end of movies and books, but the smallest things are bothering me these days, especially at work!

Take for example the situation with my desk calendar....I left work yesterday with my wooden desk calendar solidly placed on 29 MARCH. When I came in this morning, someone had moved the numbers all around! This is the third time someone has done this over the past year or so. The past two times I thought to myself "how strange", put the numbers back, and got on with my day. 

This time I took it really personally - it felt like an invasion of my privacy. I quickly changed the date to 30 MARCH and then actually went into the bathroom to take several long breaths to calm myself down. Gotta love these pregnancy hormones.

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