Monday, 7 May 2012

thirty-one weeks pregnant

Pregnancy day 217...63 days to go!

Baby is now 16.25 inches long and weighs about 3.3 pounds

It's been a very busy and productive week both inside my uterus and out. Baby is growing rapidly; he has put on over 1/2 pound this past week and will continue to grow at this rate until he arrives! I expect my bump will start to get huge soon, even though it's already rather large.

His movements are now very strong and every once in a while a forceful kick under the ribs really hurts! Luckily it's only once in a while and  and the pain is bearable. 

Work this week was hectic again, but I feel like I am starting to get to a point where all the hard work and long hours are paying off.  My replacement starts on Tuesday and I have a full 6 week training period with her, which is nice because I feel like there is a lot to hand over. During the next 6 weeks, my boss decided that he would temporarily move into another office (the 2 of us usually share a room), I would take his desk and my replacement would set herself up at my old desk/her new desk. I feel very posh and important sitting at his desk. It's such a change from my old shabby desk tucked into the corner that I find it really odd. 

I am attending a family wedding this summer when I will 38 weeks pregnant and have been putting off buying a dress.  A few days ago I finally decided to order this dress from Seraphine. I thought it might be too casual but as it's a day-time wedding and is taking place outside I'm hoping I can get away with it. The dress fits well but is too long on me, so I am going to try and take up the hem an inch or two.  

This weekend we picked up our pushchair from Mamas and Papas, but it is still sitting in it's huge box in the garage for now. It will probably stay there until I'm off work at the end of June and have the time and motivation to put it together.

We also made great progress on getting all the hospital bag stuff purchased. I think we pretty much have everything now except for a nice baby blanket. I can't decide if I should buy an expensive hand-made crochet blanket (like this) or a cheaper knit one from the local baby shop (like this). Decisions, decisions... 


  1. Oooh, the bump is coming along nicely. I wish I had a 6 week handover period but my replacement isn't ready until a week on Monday which leaves me 2 weeks. Oh well, I'm not going to stress. It's to her detriment, not mine.

    I love the crochet blanket. I'm a sucker for handmade textiles!

    1. I love the crochet blanket too. Just need to convince the other half to let me spend £70 on it. I will try my best :)

  2. I say get the cheaper one!! Then you can have two blankets for the same price!! I've seen so many nice baby/children things covered in vomit/phlegm/spit/urine etc ..... Wouldn't you be sad if your super nice stuff got all yucky?!

    1. Very good point! Maybe I will get 2 (or maybe 3) cheaper, but still nice, blankets. Lots of time to decide though. x