Monday, 14 May 2012

thirty-two weeks pregnant

Pregnancy day 224...56 days to go!

Baby is now 16.7 inches long and weighs about 3.75 pounds

Yet another week has passed and I've been so incredibly busy that it truly has flown by! It was only a 4-day week at work, but there was so much to get done that I have worked long, stressful hours. I am training up a new person and dealing with my usual tasks. I keep counting down the days...only 22 working days left now.

Thursday was particularly bad at work and I was so busy that I forgot to drink water throughout the day; I even nearly forgot to eat my lunch. When I got home in the evening I started getting period-like cramps and they were getting more and more painful. I did some online research and found out that dehydration can cause uterine contractions! I quickly drank 2 pints of water and rested -  after an hour or so the cramps went away, but it was frightening! I have been making more of an effort to drink lots of water since that experience; scary though right?

After a horrible week at work I would have loved a weekend doing nothing, but the weekend was very busy too. Saturday we had NCT antenatal class all day from 10am to 4pm. I thought it would drag, but luckily our instructor kept the activities varied and also booked us a pub lunch which helped break up the day. The day included discussing C-sections, assisted delivery, the 3rd stage of pregnancy, and parenting issues.  I particularly liked the parenting session because we chatted about controversial parenting decisions like whether or not to use a pacifier (or dummy), whether or not to hit your child, whether or not to breastfeed in public, etc. 

100 miles - done!
And then Sunday, Mr M had a charity bicycle ride. He did 100 miles in the Suffolk Countryside and I went to the finish line to meet him. It was a gorgeous day outside and I enjoyed being there to support him and his brother who also rode in the race. Mr M usually does this ride every year and when we were sitting on the grass afterwards (eating very healthy cheeseburgers) we imagined what it will be like next year with a 10 month-old little boy crawling around on his blanket waiting for his daddy to cross the finish line. It was such a nice thought and it made me really excited to meet our little boy in a few weeks. 

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