Wednesday, 24 October 2012

nathan - 3 months old

Little Nathan is now 3 months old. I have read many books which claim that after the first 3 months, life with a new baby gets significantly easier and I think for the most part the books are right. We still have moments of inconsolable crying (mostly from tiredness) and a night or two a week where he won't settle but for the most part he is easy going, growing and full of smiles. 

Last week Nathan giggled for the first time and it was magical! He now seems to giggle at the most random times. He let out a huge boyish chuckle today at me when I was washing the dishes and the other day when my husband was rubbing his legs. It's so cute but we can never tell what will make him laugh so it's always surprising when he does. 

He also rolled over from his tummy to his back for the first time this month. It was completely by accident and he hasn't done it again since, but his neck strength is really strong so I'm sure he will do it again soon. Part of me doesn't want him to start rolling because then I will have to be super vigilant when putting him on the bed or on the changing table. 

Nathan weighs around 12 pounds at the moment (last weigh-in was on 9th October and he was 11 pounds 11 ounces). I read somewhere that once babies weigh 12 pounds they should be capable of sleeping through the night but we have had no such luck. Nathan goes to bed at 7pm. We then wake him up for a feed before we go to sleep around 10pm. He then wakes up around 4am for a feed and then is up for the day anytime between 6am and 8am. I'm hoping he drops the 4am feed sometime soon.

I am still meeting up with my NCT group once a week on Wednesdays. It's great being able to see all the babies growing up together and to compare how they are progressing. I also attend baby yoga (Lazy Daisy Baby) on Thursdays and am thinking about joining a Mom and Baby group on Tuesdays. And from January we will go to baby sign language class on Fridays. I never knew I would be so busy during maternity leave!

We leave for Florida in 3 weeks and will be spending Thanksgiving there. I'm am looking forward to finally introducing Nathan to the American family. 

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  1. He is such a stud, Cheryl! <3

    I'm so jealous you're heading back for Thanksgiving, you lucky thing! Have an amazing time! (And I smell a 'travelling trans-Atlantic with an infant' blog post to follow! ;) )