Tuesday, 16 April 2013

working mum

Oh my goodness, I am exhausted! I have just finished my first week at work. It was only a short 2-day week and I can't believe how tired I feel. 

Typically, after many nights of decent sleeping, Nate had a bad night on Sunday before my first day back, and then an even worse night last night waking at 2.45am for a feed then at 5am...and not going back to sleep!  Maybe he senses that things are different and therefore is waking more? I'm not sure. 

And work itself was intense. They are short staffed (my boss quit a few months ago) and it's our busy period, so as soon as I arrived I was thrown a bunch of difficult tasks. I wasn't even given any time to sift through the hundreds of emails in my inbox. I was sleep deprived, so my mind was all fuzzy and confused and stressed.  I think I stared at my computer screen for 20 minutes at one point trying to figure out a spreadsheet that was actually set up by me last year...I couldn't remember anything, it was so bad! 

Luckily while I was scratching my head and drinking lots and lots of tea (and maybe the odd bar of chocolate), Nate was having a great time with his daddy. They did all sorts of outdoor activities and went to the store and the park. I was glad he was having fun, but I missed him.

When I got home, he seemed happy to see me, but it's hard to know if he really even noticed I was gone. We had a kiss and a hug, and then he went right back to playing with his toys. Although I was hoping he would have noticed me a little more, the fact that he was content without me all day gives me confidence that he will be okay at nursery when he eventually goes.

I have the rest of the week to spend with Nate now and we are going to have some quality mother-son bonding time before I go back for 2 more days next week. 

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  1. Oh it's exhausting isn't it? I stare gormlessly at spreadsheets I created last week never last year :-) - Alice x