Thursday, 19 April 2012

on choosing a name

My husband and I have chosen a name for our son - or at least have finally agreed on a name that neither of us hate. We are happy with the name and sometimes, when we are in a brave mood, even refer to baby with this name.

I am trying to get used to the name now. I find myself randomly repeating it in my head in different tones, moods, inflections. I imagine saying the name in jest, in anger, in amazement - just to see if it "fits". I think of a multitude of nicknames and how he will be called in school, at work, by his friends. 

But I still don't want to announce this name as official simply because I don't want to get any negative reactions to a name I am just starting to love.

I have mentioned names I like to people at work or to friends and I have gotten some unenthusiastic responses. I don't understand why when people ask "what name do you like?" and I reply with something, they think it's perfectly fine to look at me with a grimace and say "oh no - I don't like that" It drives me mad, makes me doubt myself, and - more than anything else - confuses me! 

So I'm going to keep the name quiet for now, perhaps even until after the birth. People may feel they can make rude comments now before the baby is here, but once he has been given this name for life, they will think twice before pulling an ugly face and looking down on our name choice. 


  1. Everyone has an opinion, but only you and your husbands counts! Call him what you like, and soon enough people will get used to it, and your baby will be so lovely they will like the name then, because it will make them think of him! Xx

  2. Wise choice, hun. We did that when we were pondering names and it certainly had an input in our decision which I've just announced in my recent blog post.

    I hope you're well and thanks for your kind words when I'm feeling down.

    Mrs W x